Overflight confirms lava is on the move

An HVO overflight on Saturday, Sept 6 shows that the June 27th lava flow remains active. Scientists observed renewed surface breakouts at the flow front, with advancement of the flow tip a short distance north of the ground crack. The flow front continues to advance through thick forest, creating smoke plumes. Steaming also continued in cracks around the flow front, suggesting that lava continues to move beneath the surface. The front of the active flows at the time of the flight was 8.2 miles from the vent and 0.9 miles from the eastern boundary of the Wao Kele o Puna forest reserve.

Small breakouts also remain active closer to Puʻu ʻŌʻō, roughly midway along the length of the June 27th flow.  Some of these breakouts are also creeping into the forest and producing smoke plumes.

This large-scale map shows the June 27th flow in relation to nearby Puna communities. The area of the flow on September 3 is shown in pink, while widening and advancement of the flow as mapped on September 6 at ~11:10 AM is shown in red. The black dots mark the flow front on specific dates.

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