Video: More from the first week in September

This video comes via our friend Jeff during a recent flight.  Though it’s a little shaky in places, it gives another look at what’s happening.

Basically, from Kilauea’s east rift zone at the Pu u O o vent, a underground lava tube, which you can see down into towards the end of this video, brings lava to the northeast.  The lava then erupts in small to medium “breakouts” in the rainforest, which slowly burns down tree after tree.  You can see the edge glow and small fires in a few of these frames.  The lava also continues pouring into a pre-existing crack which brings it somewhere not yet known.

Our best estimate is that the lava is about three quarters of a mile from the nearest house.  The prevailing winds continue to blow the smoke and ash to the south and away from the denser population centers to the north and east.  

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