Bird’s-eye View: Pilot Joel gives account of today’s lava

Today, we spoke to Joel, a pilot with Paradise Helicopters, after he viewed the freshest flow at Pu’u O’o on the “air” portion of his Volcano by Air & Land tour.  Here’s what he had to say:

“So far, that flow that’s made a cut to the left by the houses is continuing to flow to the north and it’s made some more progress, so it’s stretching out a little bit from the forest down to the south. Also, the winds have shifted just in the last couple of hours. They were blowing north to south blowing the smoke towards the south. They’ve shifted now from east to west, so now the smoke is coming more towards the west.

“That’s the update right now. Looks like it’s still progressing to the north and parallel to the row of houses.  There’s some good activity down there as well between the tip and the Pu’u O’o Vent itself.”


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