Video: Phone footage shows lava creeping closer to houses near Pahoa

Transcript: “Hi, this is Joel from Paradise helicopters. I wanted to give an update on the lava flow for Friday, September 12, 2014.

“The eastern most part of the flow, which is the closest to the houses, seemed like it turned a little bit east yesterday and the day before and then this morning it looked like it turned back up towards the north, more towards the Ainaloa area… The smoke is blowing mostly south again and a little bit south west off of those burning trees.

“There was a pretty large break out off of the eastern most flow from the June 27th flow. It’s a little bit mauka (Hawaiian for “up hill”) of the tip of the flow, maybe about a mile and a half to two miles. There’s a pretty big break out the was burning down some trees. Hopefully you guys are seeing some footage of this.

“That is as of this morning about 10 o’clock HST. That’s the most recent update from the air via Paradise Helicopters.”

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