Video: Guided Lava Flyover on September 16 via Big Island Video News

A look up the East Rift Zone of Kilauea volcano aboard Paradise Helicopters. The County of Hawaii chartered the flight and asked’s Baron Sekiya to shoot some video of the June 27 lava flow. Pilot Calvin Dorn provides some insight as they record.

Video by Baron Sekiya,

Story by Big Island Video News

PUNA, Hawaii – As the June 27 lava flow moves into the northeast section of Kaohe Homesteads, a Hawaii County assembled team took to the air to record images of the advancing threat to Puna’s populated areas.

Aboard Paradise Helicopters with pilot and CEO Calvin Dorn as their guide, county officials asaked Baron Sekiya of Hawaii 24/7 to shoot and share what he saw with local media.

Big Island Video News edited together two videos with the material Sekiya provided. The first video is an overhead study of the lava flow, from the flow front all the way to its southwestern origins at Pu’u O’o crater. During the overflight, Dorn’s voice can be heard over the headset, providing context and insight into what is seen below. (see video above)

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