Update: Hawaii Volcano Observatory sees increase in flow advance rate towards Pahoa

HVO map close 141022

According to a Hawaii Volcano Observatory update yesterday, lava continues to erupt at a low discharge rate from Puʻu ʻŌʻō into the June 27th flow lava tube.

The distal portion of the June 27th lava flow mapped by HVO scientists shows the length of the flow at 11.1 miles measured in a straight line, and 12.9 miles as measured along the axis of the flow.

A narrow finger of lava less than 55 yards wide overtook the flow front in the past 2 days, moving 405 yards since Monday. Yesterday, the flow was moving downslope in a small gully, which increased this particular flow’s advance rate by as much as 3 times its former speed over the past 2 days. The flow is continuing to follow the steepest-descent path toward Pāhoa as shown on lava flow maps.

The previous flow front just upslope of this new flow has also advanced downslope at a rate of about 44 yards during the past 2 days.

The leading edge of the narrow flow is about 0.6 miles upslope from Apaʻa St. along the steepest-descent path and 0.5 miles upslope from the closest point along Apaʻa St. in a straight line.

The HVO’s next overflight is scheduled for tomorrow.

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