Update: Pilot describes lava activity

Dan Malakie, a pilot with Paradise Helicopters, shares his insights on the lava activity as it creeps closer to Pahoa.

In a quick volcano update for the 23rd of October at 6:30pm, Malakie notes that there is still activity along the ten mile lava tube extending from the Pu’u O’o Vent towards the Pahoa area. After his flight, he says that there is “quite a bit of activity that is extending out towards Pahoa” that is still “a potential threat for that area.”  Luckily, he also observes that the advance continues to move slowly.

The amount of burning trees seems to be diminishing, maybe indicating that lava is pushing down into the lava tube system rather than flowing on the surface.

Halema’uma’u Crater also showed activity during portions of the flight, with lava moving around in the crater.

One thought on “Update: Pilot describes lava activity

  1. I really appreciate these lava updates as I live in Nanawale estates and am disabled. Currently I am still able to pick up prescription medications in Pahoa but soon I fear that will not be the case. It is imperative I stay I formed so I can make adjustments.


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