Video: Phone captures lava nearing road in Pahoa


The leading edge of the June 27th flow moved at a rate of about 460 yd/day yesterday, as measured between the Civil Defense morning overflight and HVO ground crew observations in the afternoon. Civil Defense reports that the flow front was approximately 250 yds from Apa`a St/Cemetery Rd in Pāhoa during their 7AM overflight today.

HVO scientists monitored the distal portion of the June 27th flow on foot yesterday afternoon. The rate of advance of the narrow lobe that is now the leading edge of the flow was about 460 yd/day, consistent with the rate measured by Civil Defense the previous day. Localized topography is keeping the lobe from spreading out, resulting in the narrow, fast-moving flow. At this rate, the flow is expected to reach the road some time today.

The photo above and video below show the advancement of the flow front as of 10:30AM HST today. Please excuse the low resolution. They were captured by mobile phone.

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