Video: Lava crosses street in Pahoa, prompts evacuation notice

Video footage from Tropical Visions on a Paradise Helicopters Community Awareness flight shows lava crossing the street in Pahoa

As anticipated, lava from the June 27th flow has crossed Apa’a Street in Pahoa. The Civil Defense issued the following update at 8:00am this morning:

This morning’s assessment shows that the flow has advanced approximately 300 yards since yesterday.  The flow front crossed Apa’a Street at approximately 3:50am this morning and continues to advance in a northeast direction towards the cemetery.  The flow is currently moving at approximately 10 yards per hour.  Smoke from the burning asphalt is not affecting area communities at this time however residents are advised that conditions could change with the varying winds.   

Civil Defense and Public Safety personnel will be conducting door to door notifications of residents in the down slope areas of Pahoa Village to insure residents are aware of current activities.  Based on the current flow location, direction and advancement, residents in the flow path will be placed on an evacuation notice.  

The evacuation notice means residents in the flow path areas should prepare for possible evacuation in the next three to five days.  Those area residents will be kept informed of the flow movement and are asked to complete all necessary preparations for a possible evacuation by Tuesday October 28th.

Apa’a Street and Cemetery Road will remained closed between the Pahoa Transfer Station and the Kaohe Homesteads Road.  In addition, Civil Defense and public safety personnel will be operating in the area round the clock to maintain close observations of flow activity.

Pahoa lavaJason Cohn, a local photographer, captures the advancing lava.  As long as the flow keeps advancing, it is projected to continue following the path of steepest descent through Pāhoa town, towards Pāhoa Village Road and Highway 130.

Paradise Helicopters will continue to fly Community Awareness flights in conjunction with the Hawaii County Civil Defense and local media operators.

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