Video: First structure burns in Pahoa

This morning, lava claimed its first structure in Pahoa as the leading edge of the June 27th reached its first structure.

We are sad to report that the most rapidly advancing lobe of the flow entered the first occupied residential property at about 2 am, and engulfed a structure later this morning. It was located just across from the cemetery that was covered by lava yesterday. This is the first residential property effected by the lava.

The flow is continuing to advance northeast towards Pāhoa Village Road, currently at a rate of 15 yards/hr. Civil Defense expects the flow to cross Pahoa Village Road between Apaʻa St and Post Office Road. Based on the current flow location, direction and advancement, residents in the flow path were placed on an evacuation advisory and notified of possible need for evacuation beginning last night.  The evacuation advisory for those residents down slope of the flow will continue and residents will be kept informed of the flow status and advancement. Spectators are reminded that road and area closures are in effect. However, residents who wish to watch houses that are affected by the lava burn for a sense of closure will be allowed to stay, according to Civil Defense Administrator Daryl Olivera.

From all of us at Hawaii Lava Update, our hearts and prayers go out to everyone in Pahoa and surrounding areas in this difficult time.

Lower Puna

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