Video: Rainy Pahoa flows

Video courtesy of Paradise Helicopters and Tropical Visions Video

Mick Kalber (videographer): Today’s overflight was quite rainy, but we were able to get some nice shots. The flow above the transfer station on Apa’a Street is quite active. [It] has joined with the lower lobe and [is] moving steadily toward the north. The flow in and around the transfer station has stalled, as has the one on the property where the house was burned recently. However, just below there we shot a sizable breakout heading in the direction of the cemetery. Numerous breakouts were made more prominent this morning by the rainy conditions, which create more steam.

One thought on “Video: Rainy Pahoa flows

  1. Thank you for a nice job on reporting our lava, flow . We hope to keep our home a long time. The smoke is bad on windy days, with a smell that just lurks around. This will take time to get to the ocean and then what! We have an island that wants to grow, and change how we will live for some time. 30 years of being active and going south more to the sea. And now the future is any buddy’s guess. We love Hawaii and will stay and move out of the way if we need too in time.


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