Video: Lava Nears Malama Market in Pahoa

The June 27th flow is again creeping closer to Pahoa.

According to Mick Kalber, the principal videographer with Tropical Visions who has been filming lava for over two decades, nearly all activity in the 6/27 Pahoa flow is happening within a half mile of the flow front. The distal tip of the now broader flow front continues to advance, and has moved several hundred yards over the weekend. Lava is burning the scrub brush and forest a little over one mile above the intersection of the Pahoa Village Road and Hwy 130. The lava still seems to be headed toward the Pahoa Marketplace area. The distal tip is quite vigorous, but surface activity on the rest of the 12+ mile long flow is weak or non-existent. There was only minor surface activity within several miles of Pu’u ‘O’o.

“Overall, since our last overflight on Wednesday,” Kalber says, “there is much more lava at the flow front, and less lava visible elsewhere. In our opinion, if the rate of advancement remains constant, lava could reach the Pahoa Marketplace in a week to ten days… or almost certainly by the end of the month/year.”

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