Video: Pahoa flow weak but “not dead yet”

Though the flow has not advanced for about two weeks, surface activity around Pu’u O’o remains steady.

As of Wednesday morning, the June 27th Pahoa flow front remains about 550 yards from Hwy 130. The distal tip has not advanced for about two weeks now, and the surface activity has slowed considerably over the same time period. According to Mick Kalber, “it is not dead yet, but only weakly active.”

Furthermore, the sizable flow that was dropping lava into a crack about 100 yards behind the distal tip was only smoking yesterday morning. The breakout on the southeast side of the stalled Pahoa Marketplace flow appears to have stopped completely. Very minor activity was found a mile above the flow front, on the north side near the drill site. There was considerable vog over the area during the Community Awareness Flight by Paradise Helicopters, as there has been most of this year, but not much smoke. As has been the case for two weeks now, we could find no flows burning the forest near the geothermal pad upslope of the flow front. Even the flow about a mile below the geothermal pad was only weakly active. There is very little surface activity anywhere from above where the lava enters the crack all the way down to the flow front, a distance of about eight miles.

However, lava moving near Pu`u `O`o continues to flow steadily, and is actively burning the forest near the tree line and covering an a`a field a little over a mile to the northeast of the vent. This flow has been entering the forest and flowing on the surface to the north of the June 27 flow path for about a week now, and is in an area that was inundated prior to the current flow.

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