Video: Threat for Pahoa dissipating with each passing day

Video by Mick Kalber on a Paradise Helicopters community awareness flight of the Pahoa region.

Here’s the account by Mick Kalber, lava videographer:

“Lenticular clouds above Mauna Kea, rainbows and much clearer skies greeted today’s overflight. The June 27th Pahoa flow front remains about 550 yards from Hwy 130. The distal tip has not advanced for several weeks now. Surface activity at the flow front is minor, occurring in only a handful of locations above the firebreak road.

“We found only a couple of outbreaks several hundred yards above the flow front. Almost no activity was observed between those out breaks and the flow slowly burning the forest about a mile downslope from the Mid-Pacific geothermal pad. There is no active lava any nearer the geothermal pad. Vog over the area this morning was greatly reduced throughout most of East Hawaii, although Pu’u ‘O’o’s plume was stretched out over Hawaiian Paradise Park. There was still very little surface activity anywhere from above where the lava enters the crack all the way down to the flow front, a distance of about eight miles.

“However, lava flowing near Pu`u `O`o continues at a steady pace, and is actively burning the forest near the tree line and covering an a`a field about a mile and a half to the northeast of the vent. This flow has been entering the forest and flowing on the surface to the north of the June 27 flow path for about ten days now, and is about 3-4 miles from the nearest home… it is NOT however, flowing in the direction of the communities in the area.”

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