Weekend LAVA FIX!!!

The variety of textures and activity observed on the new breakout has been nothing short of AMAZING!  Check out the following images…

A lava bolt!!! A lightning bolt shaped skylight gave us a peek at the immense river of lava flowing beneath. Skylights, openings in the roof of lava tubes, are amazing!
A thin stream of pahoehoe flow down the middle of the new flow field on the eastern flank of Pu‘u ‘O‘o.
The cooling surface of a finger of pahoehoe creates an amazing texture on the center of the flow and along its edges.
The textures created by lava are nothing short of AMAZING… This wrinkled surface is actually the surface of a moving river of lava… and the blue tones are from the low level of ambient light. So beautiful!!! Mahalo ke Akua!!!
An ‘ama‘u fern gets consumed by flames and lava.

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