Saturday Skylight Special!

Since there were so many skylights visible this past week, decided to feature them in this week’s LAVA FIX! My favorite is the first image… Which one is yours?

This skylight is one of the larger ones currently out there. The bright yellow on the right is the river of lava feeding flow 61g, while the textured reddish orange area is a hardened shelf within the tube. Love the textures in this one!
This skylight is high on Pu‘u ‘O‘o’s northeast rim, located near the Cookie Monster shaped hornito. Peeking into this was wild, as it provided a view of the lava 20-30 feet below, swiftly flowing, feeding the new breakout, flow 61g.
This was one of the smaller skylights, as a portion of the main lava tube’s roof collapsed. Interesting to see how the crumbled chunks of lava are heated to an orange glow. Amazing!
This skylight provided the best view of the bright yellow, raging river of lava. The textured walls of the tube are on the left.
This is bird’s eye view of a shallow skylight, where the lava river’s edge is exposed. Incredible to see the transition from the very hot interior to the cooling fringes.

Stayed tuned for Mick’s video update for a peek into these skylights!!

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