Lava Update: Thursday, June 30th, 6:00 am – Pulama Pali overflight

Flow 61g reached the coastal plain yesterday, and impressive rivers of pahoehoe and channelized ‘a‘a continue to stream down the steepest section of Pulama Pali this morning. The flow slowly changes completely to ‘a‘a as it nears the flats, and is slowly advancing as it builds up in height. A tremendous amount of heat is rising from the hot lava field and created quite a bit of turbulence above it.  Accretionary boulders were observed rolling down the hill as another lobe of ‘a‘a progressed down the pali.

The apex of the main river of lava at the top of Pulama Pali.
An impressive river of channelized ‘a‘a skirts the edge of kipuka, as it flows down Pulama Pali to the coastal plain.
A little stand of trees is surrounded by the river of lava near the base of Pulama Pali.
A view over the leading edge of flow 61g, looking back at Pulama Pali.
Multiple rivers of lava flow over Pulama Pali this morning, most of them channelized ‘a‘a, becoming a 10′-15′ thick flow as it reaches the coastal plain.

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