Lava Over Pali

Pele has reached the bottom of the Pali and is now pooling in the coastal flats in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, near the abandoned Royal Gardens subdivision. This new flow is now nearly 5 miles long, and just over two miles from the ocean. The volume of lava descending the Pali was enormous today… with numbers outbreaks of both pahoehoe and a’a lava, several skylights at the top of the Pali… evidence of the continued lava tube building process. Pele has also formed a channelized flow nearly the length of the Pali, which will no doubt become the main lava tube route. The pahoehoe has become a’a at the bottom of the cliff scarp (Pali), and several a’a flows above sent lava rocks rolling downhill in a shower of hot rock. Interestingly, the amount of lava has not subsided on her journey from the Pu’u ‘O’o vent. We may have been able to access the vent, but ran out of time as we were totally enthralled by Pele’s amazing display on the west side of Royal Gardens. Her lava flows are now just barely inside Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Leilani the Hula Girl and Lava Ducky were on board, along with special guest, Daniel Brauer. Bruce Omori and I were back with Paradise Helicopters’ amazing pilot, Ryan Moeller, who unexpectedly graced us with his presence this fine morning. Mahalo, Ryan!

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