A LAVA FIX for the weekend!

A few closeups of hot, molten lava from flow 61g…

Another breakout of pahoehoe creates another unique pattern of wrinkles. I spy a spooky looking creature in this… Do you?
A lateral breakout from the flow’s eastern edge, created by building pressure beneath the cooled crust.
Fresh pahoehoe creates those wrinkles and ropey textures its so well known for, as flow 61g continues to creep across the coastal plain. Little kupukupu ferns just becoming established on the surface of an older flow in the lower right of the frame, are soon covered by the expansion of the flow front.
A large skylight about 1/2 mile above Pulama Pali, shows a large river of swiftly flowing lava split by an obstruction in the tube.
A breakout of pahoehoe streams down a slope and its surface begins cooling, creating a spine-like pattern in the center.

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