New Ocean Entry

New Ocean Entry
(Big Mahalo to Jake Shimabukuro for allowing us to use a portion of his song “6-8” from his latest release, “Nashville Sessions” on JS Records! You da man, Jake!)
A new ocean entry of the 61G Lava Flow has developed about a quarter mile from the first at Kamokuna In Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. It is quite robust and has already formed a considerable lava bench. Numerous fingers of a’a lava dripped over the coast cliffs and dozens pahoehoe flows entered the water. Several pahoehoe outbreaks were noted on the coastal plain, both above and below the access road, which Pele has now crossed in three places. A third ocean entry will probably develop over the next day or two. We also spotted several skylights, or windows that allow us to peer inside to see lava flowing below… these tubes are feeding the flows downslope. The Pu’u ‘O’o Vent, however was completely socked in this morning, thwarting our intended visit. Visitors continue to access the lava flows by helicopter, boat and on foot, via the newly built access road. Hikers can make the approximately 8-mile roundtrip trek from either the Kalapana or HVNP side. The USGS reports that a small delta collapse occurred on Tuesday. Special guest, Clark Omand, Bruce Omori, Leilani, Lava Ducky and I once again were guided safely through the clouds by Paradise Helicopters’ exacting pilot, Robert Mitchell. The flow now spans over six miles from the vent to the ocean. Skies in east Hawaii were partly cloudy with occasional rain showers.

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