Lava After Storm

Volcano Goddess Pele’s steam plume has become more prominent as the eastern most Pacific Ocean entry in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park continues unabated. Her fluid pahoehoe flows cover the better part of a mile of the recently re-built access road, giving visitors a direct path to the action. This new flow, dubbed 61G is now about 6 miles long, and the ocean entry is completely within the boundary of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Visitors continue to make their way on foot, but more access the area by boat, getting up close and personal to the amazing spectacle. The safe viewing area has been laid out well back from the active ocean entry, and the US Geological Survey has issued warnings about the potential hazards there. After several days of thunderstorms, preventing our usual Thursday morning flight, Friday was overcast, but perfect for our visit. We were able to visit the vent today as well… the lava lake within to the west was obscured, but still offered us a glimpse and some lovely spattering activity. Leilani the Hula Girl and Lava Ducky joined us this morning, along with special guest Quinn Cho Kuen Chan.


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