Voggy Lava Flow

Voggy Lava Flow
Slack Key Guitar “Benny’s Tune” by Hilo’s own Ben Kaili… mahalo, Benny!

Although Kona winds sent dense fog to east hawaii this morning,
it was another stunningly beautiful morning to the southeast, as we accessed all portions of the continuing 61G lava flow. Pu’u ‘O’o’s lava lake was largely obscured, and we caught only a quick glimpse. But the skylights on the northeast of the vent were wide open, the lava flowing very rapidly below. The breaks in the tube system expose Pele’s hot liquid rock coursing below. The lava makes it’s way beneath the surface and into the Pacific Ocean some six miles downslope. All ocean activity is still confined to Kamokuna on the Kalpana (eastern) end of the lava delta… and is enormous. Numerous lobes of lava are pouring into the Pacific Ocean there, creating a huge plume of laze that can be seen for many miles. Only one tour boat was on hand, motoring away as we arrived, and we saw no other visitors watching the creation of the newest land on earth. Pele continues to form new black sand beaches along the coast near her ocean entries. The hot lava’s interaction with the cold seawater shattering the flow into bits that are then tumbled into submission. What a magnificent sight for visitors who can gain access from either the Kalpana of HVNP side by walking out the temporary access road, which goes directly to the ocean entry! The walk is lengthy, however, and precautions should be observed. Bruce Omori, Special Guest Robert King, Leilani, Lava Ducky and I flew with the famous Paradise pilot, Robert Mitchell… as always, Rob’s flying skills totally amaze us! A hui you!

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