Lava Hiding

The huge outbreaks of the past month on, and just above the Pali are now mostly gone…. 61G’s lava tubes still feed the ocean entry six miles from the Pu’u ‘O’o vent, but no skylights were observed. Even the numerous new surface flows on the coastal flats have now stalled out. A few rivulets of lava remain on the Pali near the remaining forested Kipuka south of the beleaguered Royal Gardens subdivision. However, a new flow has emanated from the vent atop the 61G lava tube system and has now reached about a mile and a half downslope… approximately half way to the Pali. It remained moderately active this morning sending out small pahoehoe toes at the distal tip. Although apparently slightly diminished by the recent activity upslope, the main flow continues dumping tons of hot rock into the pacific ocean. The Firehose lava event has turned into more of a lava falls than a firehose, but continues to pour lava into the water creating littoral explosions which rock the coastline. the activity has cut back into the cliff several dozen meters… the cliff remains cracked and dangerously unstable. As Pele shoots lava into the water, the cold sea water in turn freezes the lava and the concussions shatter it into fragments. Some of these sink to the depths of the sea, while others gain the purchase of the coastal rocks and form black sand beaches. The ocean entry remains a magnificent sight for visitors who can gain access from either the Kalpana of HVNP side by walking out the temporary access road, which goes directly to the ocean entry! The walk is lengthy, however, and precautions should be observed. In the office again with Paradise Helicopter pilot Robert Mitchell, who worked his magic around the Volcano Goddess Pele… mahalo plenny, Rob! Bruce Omori, special guest Kalapana resident Gary Sleik, Leilani, Teradactyl Ducky and I had an outstanding lava overflight charter. 

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