Cool Lava Lake

Periodic rain didn’t deter our efforts to to access the Pu’u ‘O’o Vent of Kilauea Volcano this morning… and the lava lake was extraordinary! Pele spattered wildly, stretched and folded below as the plume rolled slowly by. Most of her lava exits the lake and feeds the 61G flows lava tubes which feed the ocean entry six miles below. A few new surface flows were found as far down as a mile and a half from the vent… and several outbreaks were quite sizable. This activity is approximately half way to the Pali. A few outbreaks were also seen on the coastal flats. The ocean entry continues to pour lava into the water creating littoral explosions which rock the coastline. The firehose lava even has morphed into a more traditional column of lava stacking up next to the cliff and now finally forming a new lava bench. The cliff there remains cracked and dangerously unstable. Much of the activity is hidden from view of the overlook to the east. As Pele pours lava into the water, the cold sea water in turn freezes the lava and the concussions shatter it into fragments. Some of these sink to the depths of the sea, while others gain purchase on the coastal rocks and form black sand beaches. Flying once again with Paradise Helicopters’ remarkable pilot Rob Mitchell… appreciate it, Rob! Bruce Omori, special guest Leslie Gleim, Leilani, Aviator Ducky and I had an outrageous overflight charter! Paradise Helicopters da best! 

“Poni Aloha” kī-hō’alu (Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar)
by Hilo’s own Ben Kaili

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