Lava Fix | April 1, 2017

No fooling here! We’ve got a HOT LAVA FIX for you! Here are images from our weekly overflight. Enjoy!

A tube ruptures from increasing pressure within, gushing pahoehoe around the displaced chunk of the tube’s wall.
These mind-blowing textures created by lava never cease to amaze. Here, the glow from molten lava beneath its wrinkling skin, emanate from the cracks and folds as its surface cools.
Gravity works. This hot toe of pahoehoe creeps down an embankment to fill a low spot, as the flow advances toward Pulama Pali.
The trailing tail of lava created by the laminar flow around an obstruction in the middle of a molten river, its surfaces wrinkling as they cool.
Pillowy folds are created by this breakout of pahoehoe as it effuses from the tube.

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