Lava Nears Pali

Lava Nears Pali
The 61G flow, fed from six miles of lava tubes from the Pu’u ‘O’o vent continues to pour lava into the ocean. The surface flow which began a month ago virtually on top of those tubes continues to advance downslope, and is now within a half mile of the Pali. A larger tube opening from the main conduit was found at the bottom of the Pali, and looked like the ghost from Pac Man! We were back in the air with master pilot, Pete Stachowicz. As hard as he tried, Pete just couldn’t get us safely to the lava lake due to low lying clouds around the vent. Nevertheless, Leilani, Scottish Ducky, special guest Jake Lindsay, Bruce Omori and I thoroughly enjoyed tour morning overflight. Mahalo Pete and Paradise Helicopters! You guys no ka oi!!!


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