Lava Fix – April 6, 2017

Here’s a HOT LAVA FIX to start your week off!  Images are from this past Thursday’s overflight.

A vigorous breakout of lava flows around two dislodged chunks of the tube’s wall, and creates a varying array of textures as its surface cools.
A molten stream of pahoehoe cools along its edges, creating a collection of intricate ropey braids that will likely not be seen by another human being, as once the breakout’s surface solidifies, another will cover it, obscuring these beautiful patterns forever.
A small toe of lava oozes from beneath a crusted lobe of the March 5th flow.
Molten lava covers an old ‘a’a field and kupukupu ferns that were just becoming established on the desolate terrain.
Increasing pressure within the restrictive confines of a crusted flow, lifts the hardened surface and releases the buildup of molten lava.

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