Lava Update | Thursday, April 27

Eruptive activity continues on Kilauea’s east rift zone, as Pu‘u ‘O‘o continues to dispense lava via flow 61G, feeding the Kamokuna ocean entry and the March 5th breakout. The lava pond was quite active while we hovered above, but the wind blew a pretty thick plume of gases directly over it, so pilot, Robert Mitchell, did his best in getting us the best possible vantage point over the north rim. Meanwhile, the March 5th breakout remains quite active, and while it’s still spread out over a wide area, its leading edge has begun flowing over steeper grade, and may draw more volume with it as it approaches Pulama Pali. The Kamokuna ocean entry continues to generate a robust steam plume, as lava enters the Pacific Ocean, building out a new delta. Stress fractures are increasing in width, and the probability of a bench collapse continue to increase as the delta grows.

A break in the plume offered a glimpse of Pu’u ‘O’o’s lava pond, while hovering over the north edge of the pit.
A Paradise Helicopters’ photo charter out of Kona with pilot Joel at the controls, navigates a fresh breakout on the March 5th flow field.
A mind blowing abstract was created by another fresh breakout.
The apex of a breakout creates incredible textures!
A long, winding breakout flows down steeper grade as it approaches Pulama Pali. At the time of our overflight, the leading edge was approximately 1/4 mile away from the steepest portion of the hillside.
The new delta at the Kamokuna ocean entry is showing signs of stress, as cracks continue to widen and lengthen.
An oceanside view of the Kamokuna delta, showing the encrusted tube that was once the fire hose up against the cliff face.
The US Coast Guard checking out the ocean entry.

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