Lava Reaches Pali

A particularly outrageous overflight revealed numerous picturesque flows, now cresting the Pali (cliffs), and heading down the steeper slope. The Pu’u ‘O’o vent was particularly accessible today… the lake within most active. The 61G surface flow has made it’s way to the Pali… where several sizable outbreaks have begun oozing their way over the hill. Pele’s molten lava continues to pour into the ocean at Kamokuna… most lava flows were hidden by the plume on the lava bench. Recent reports that as much as half the bench had collapsed to the depths of the sea appear overstated… the USGS says any collapse was likely quite small. Large cracks can still be seen in the lava delta however, foreshadowing more collapses, perhaps sizable to come. We saw no outbreaks at all on the coastal flats. Miss Hula Ducky (still here following her win in last week’s Merrie Monarch Festival in Hilo), special guest Scott Malis, Bruce Omori and I were thrilled by the epic lava activity of our morning overflight today! Mahalo to Paradise Helicopters’ master pilot Robert Mitchell… Paradise simply no ka oi!

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