Lava Update | Friday, May 12

Kilauea’s eruptive activity persists on the east rift zone, as Pu‘u ‘O‘o continues to feed flow 61G and the Kamokuna ocean entry. The lava pond at the crater was very active, with hardened slabs of the pond’s surface cracking and being swallowed along its perimeter. The March 5th breakout continues to make progress toward the steepest section of Pulama Pali, while breakouts on the upper flow field are still occurring throughout. Meanwhile, at the ocean entry, a new delta as begun forming since the collapse of the previous bench, as lava vigorously pours into the sea.

Pu‘u ‘O‘o’s lava pond was quite active, its hardened surface fracturing as the magma beneath circulates, drawing slabs of the crust back into its fiery depths.
Toxic gases kept us at bay for a bit, but breaks in the plume gave us peeks at the lava pond.
The sun rises over the Kalapana coast, as a river of lava continues the slow advance of the March 5th breakout.
The leading edge of the March 5th breakout still remains above the steepest portion of Pulama Pali, but is getting closer with each passing day.
Molten lava pours into the sea at the Kamokuna ocean entry within the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, quickly forming a new delta over the one that just collapsed last week.
A new delta is quickly forming at the Kamokuna ocean entry in place of the one that recently collapsed.

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