A Lava Fix to start off the weekend…

Here’s a collection of intimate and fiery images of the recent activity observed on Pulama Pali…

The leading edge of an ‘a‘a flow crumbles forward as it advances down Pulama Pali. A less popular subject with the photographers, ‘a‘a intrigues me by its movement, sounds, and glowing rough textures.
A channelized ‘a‘a flow descends down Pulama Pali, its center surface cooling like a ribbon floating on a stream.
A breakout of pahoehoe moves fluidly downslope, surface tension tearing its cooling surface, exposing the molten rock beneath.
A tumulus on Pulama Pali breaks open at its top, releasing a buildup of fluid pahoehoe.
A toe of pahoehoe creeps along, covering a recently cooled finger, advancing the progression of its leading edge.

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