Lava Update | June 29, 2017

Low overhanging clouds precluded us from accessing the vent, Pu‘u ‘O‘o, and its lava pond, but it continues to feed flows on the upper flow field and the Kamokuna ocean entry. Numerous surface breakouts were scattered throughout, from within 1/2 mile of the vent, near the source of the March 5th breakout on the spillway, to flows just above Jack Thompson’s pali. A sizable breakout roughly 1/4 mile above the steep hillside, created a river of pahoehoe more than 50 yards long. And after much time without a skylight, two were visible during our overflight. And lastly, lava continues to pour into the sea at Kamokuna. The new delta of land has built back out again, after the partial collapse last week. Although noticeably thicker after several rounds of overplating as a result of the firehose encasement rupturing, another stress fracture has once again appeared on its surface.

This large breakout stretched roughly 50-60 yards, creating a vivid foreground for a Kalapana sunrise, as it snaked over recently cooled lava above Jack Thompson’s pali.
An amazing skylight gave us a window to observe the subterranean supply of lava. The Kamokuna ocean entry is visible in the distance.
Another skylight in the network of tubes feeding the surface activity above the pali, but appears to be in the process of sealing itself up.
A large area of surface activity approaches Pulama Pali, just above where Jack Thompson’s house used to sit. The newer flow is silvery in color, as opposed to darker older flows adjacent to it. The glowing spot in the middle of the frame is one of the skylights we observed, while the steam plume from the Kamokuna ocean entry is visible in the distance.
The Kamokuna ocean entry continues to rebuild the delta after last week’s partial collapse.
Multiple fingers of lava pour into the sea, creating a brand new black sand beach at the edge of the Kamokuna delta.
Folds and wrinkles form on the surface of a hot breakout on the flow field.

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