Lava Update | August 3, 2017

Rainy skies greeted us over the flow field this morning, but not before we got a peek at the activity within Pu‘u ‘O‘o’s lava pond, observing vigorous churning and bubbling! It had been a couple weeks of being shutout there by low cloud cover, so hovering over that pit of molten rock was an aspect of our overflights that we’ve missed! And, we had a couple of faces flashed at us too. lol… See the pics! The flow that occurred within a half mile of the vent last week has died, but further downslope, just above Pulama Pali, a new breakout first spotted by pilot Sean Regehr yesterday, was still very active and gave us quite a show… in the pouring rain! Sean’s flow kept us occupied for a bit, as we had to continually wipe our lens elements down.     The Kamokuna ocean entry rages on, with two main spots feeding lava into the sea. The stress fractures continue to widen, leaving us placing bets on when the next substantial bench collapse will happen!


Happy face…
Sad face!
Vigorous bubbling in Pu‘u ‘O‘o’s lava pond was a welcome sight after being shutout for the past couple weeks by low cloud cover.
Sean’s flow kept us very busy… trying to keep our lens elements dry in the pouring rain! A beautiful breakout and gorgeous sunrise made the effort worth it!
Another finger of activity above Pulama Pali.
The gorgeous sunrise continued for quite some time, as it provided a great backdrop for our visit to the ocean entry as well.
The Kamokuna ocean entry continues to add area to the new delta of land, but stress fractures continue to grow in width, and likely indicate a bench collapse in the near future.

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