Lava Fix!

Itchin’ for a HOT weekend LAVA FIX??  lol…  Here’s a few intimate images, full of texture and molten goodness for ya!!!

The luminosity and movement of lava is AMAZING… its just mesmerizing to witness, let alone shoot! There’s no place I’d rather be than hanging out of a helicopter, looking down upon it…
The thin crust of a lateral finger of pahoehoe is pulled apart as pressure forces the leading edge forward. Reminds me of a pastry shell and filling peeking through. Am I hungry? Yes! lol…
A river of lava pours from the ruptured crust of a tube, advancing the flow downslope.
Pahoehoe spills forth from beneath the hardened crust of the leading edge of a breakout, overplating an area of recent activity.

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