Lava Update | August 31, 2017

Great weather conditions allowed us to fly over Pu‘u ‘O‘o crater, getting good peek at the boiling lake of lava within. Bubbling occurred along its perimeter as thick clouds of sulfur dioxide rose around it. Numerous little nosebleed breakouts were observed on the upper flow field within a mile of the vent, while a few more were seen above Pulama Pali, but the most vigorous surface activity was seen on the coastal plain near the base of Pulama Pali. The distal tip also continues to advance, albeit slowly, and has covered approximately 1/3 of the distance to the emergency access road. Lastly, lava continues to pour into the sea at Kamokuna, adding area to the growing delta of land. A few of the stress fractures have been covered by surface activity, but the exposed ones continue to grow in width.

Bubbling along the perimeter of Pu‘u ‘O‘o’s lava pond made for an incredible sunrise scene, as thick clouds of sulfur dioxide kept us at bay.
Nosebleed breakouts were numerous on the upper flow field. Here, a bulbous toe of pahoehoe expands into a temporary glistening lobe, until it gets covered by another breakout.
A breakout of pahoehoe advances over an old field of ‘a‘a on the upper flow field, within a mile of Pu‘u ‘O‘o.
A branch of lava extends from the perimeter of the broad lobe above Pulama Pali.
A breakout of pahoehoe on the coastal plain forms ropey braids as it cools.
The Kamokuna ocean entry remains active, pouring lava into the sea, increasing the size of the new delta of land.
 Videographer extraordinaire Mick Kalber!!!
Dr. Soup (Patrick Campbell) and fearless pilot, Robert Mitchell!!! And, Leilani the Hula Girl too!!!

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