Lava Fix | December 31, 2017

Need a LAVA FIX to get you through the rest of the year? lol!! Here’s our last post of 2017…  

MAHALO NUI LOA to you, our extended ohana, for all the likes, comments, shares, and support over the past year!!!  Wishing you all much LAVA, good health, happiness and prosperity in 2018!!!  Hau‘oli Makahiki Hou!!!  

Escaping gases from Pu‘u ‘O‘o’s lava lake created vigorous bubbling and spattering, as slabs of hardened crust were drawn back into the molten depths of the vent.
The constant churning and eruption of gases from the molten lake of lava is truly a mesmerizing sight!
Cooling pahoehoe creates a glossy textured surface of wrinkles and folds.
A glassy mass of pahoehoe spreads over and old lava field, consuming kupukupu ferns as the leading edge of the flow advances eastward.
Growing extensions over a fresh breakout create a dynamic abstract of textures.
Expanding toes of lava shimmer in the early morning light, as its silica content creates a very reflective surface.
The cooled braids of ropey pahoehoe can’t contain the pressure of molten lava beneath, as the recently cooled crust fractures, exposing the glow within.

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