Textures galore!!

We witnessed incredible variety of activity during this past Thursday’s overflight, and that included TEXTURES as well!  See them below!!

The smooth surface of a river of pahoehoe gets scrunched up as friction from the molten rock beneath, pulls it into a knot.
And the Dow Jones Industrial experiences volatility… LOL!!
The hot and textured apex of a breakout glows with intensity, as the molten lava’s surface rapidly transforms from bright yellow to dark gray as it cools.
This particular image is so interesting to me, as this entire frame is a very wide river of molten lava moving from left to right, its surface having already cooled into a thin crust, is stretched from friction with the flowing fluid beneath until it tears right across its entire width… what appears like a thin fabric, is actually rock that’s being ripped apart… Mind-blowing!!
The hardened surface of a flow crumples as the entire sheet is forced against a static obstruction.
The swirling vortex draws in latent steam around its base, feeding energy into this swirling column of rising air.
The surface of this pahoehoe flow forms a multitude of textures as quickly becomes less pliable.

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