Lava Update | June 9, 2018

Kilauea’s eruptive activity continues on the lower east rift zone, as persistent effusion of lava at fissure 8 feeds the massive perched channel that meanders through Leilani Estates. The consistently high volume has kept these flows from tubing up, and has created quite the network of luminous channels of lava flowing toward the sea. Once it transitions to ‘a‘a near Kapoho crater, its surface becomes less picturesque, but is no less destructive as can be seen from the mile wide swath of land, once the Kapoho Beach Lots and Vacationland, now a barren landscape of raw earth. See the latest photos below.

A picturesque view of the new Kapoho coastline. The volume of lava entering the sea seems to have tapered off a little as compared to yesterday, as the plume is just a fraction of what it was.
Lava enters the sea along the Kapoho coastline, creating a new beach.
Where there once was a bay, new land extends more than a mile from where the former shoreline existed.
Fresh lava extends above sea level, as tubes transport the molten rock underwater.
An overhead view of the new Kapoho shoreline, as lava continues to develop the area.
Cloud-free but hazy air gave us a nice view of the eruption zone as we approached Cape Kumukahi early this morning. The massive channelized flows were luminous in the low light.
A view of fissure 8 from the south side of the rift, overlooking an area previously overrun by flows early in the eruption phase.
This morning, the air over the south side has never been clearer, giving us an opportunity to photograph what remains of Leilani Estates and Lanipuna Gardens.
The massive river of lava flows right past the Puna Geothermal facility.
Clean air and great light made it possible for us to survey the normally, downwind side of the rift. Fissure 8 continues to effuse tremendous volume.
A view of some of the isolated homes and structures.
A couple craters, reminders of past eruptions, are visible in Leilani estates and Lanipuna Gardens.
Areas of isolation, from the initial flows that reached the sea.
Home to Green Lake, Kapoho crater has now filled in with lava.

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