Lava Update | June 12, 2018

Flew solo today… well, not really, but my airborne partner in crime, Mick Kalber, took the day off. Hope he got some much needed rest!!

Anyhow, Kilauea’s eruptive activity persists on the lower east rift zone. Fissure 8 continues to effuse a mind-blowing amount of lava, feeding the massive perched channel through Leilani Estates, and the ocean entry at Kapoho. Thick and low cloud cover prevented us from having an unobstructed view of the pu‘u and fountaining within, but had enough of fleeting gap to see that volume remains high, and notice the flow that spilled to the southeast (Malama side of the fissure). The channelized flow continues to amaze with the speed and sheer mass of material flowing through. The ‘a‘a flow near Four Corners appears to be channelizing as well, transporting lava more efficiently through the area, pushing into the mile wide flow at Kapoho, and eventually into the sea. See the latest photos below.

Between the steam, multiple fingers of lava pour into the sea.
A tiny gap through the thick cloud cover gave us a quick peek at the fountaining and heavy volume, and the lava that spilled toward Malama (on the left side of the photo).
While Green Lake was taken by the lava, these little bodies of water on the peninsula, have a greenish hue to them.
Lava continues to pour into the sea at Kapoho, reshaping the coastline, and creating the newest beach on the planet.
Hot new property at Kapoho. Steam rises from this dynamic coastline, as lava pours into the sea, increasing the size of our island.
The Kapoho coastline continues to grow, as lava from fissure 8 pours into the sea.
100 foot wide rivers of lava flow past these now isolated homes, to the sea at Kapoho.
A different perspective of this body of liquid rock, shows how fluctuations in volume spill over its sides, creating the higher walls of a perched channel. The 80-100 foot tall albizia in the upper left lends scale to the scene.
New coves and beaches are being formed as lava enters the sea at Kapoho.
A view of the entire channelized system, from fissure 8 to beyond Four Corners.
The massive river of lava flows toward Kapoho, leveling papaya fields and resurfacing highways.

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