June 27, 2018 North Kapoho Flow

June 27, 2018 North Kapoho Flow Reactivates from Mick Kalber on Vimeo.

Rainy skies and swirling winds made for a difficult foray to the Leilani Eruption flow field today. The fountains of Fissure 8 were lower.., but activity within the nearly 200-foot high cone was impressive. Pele continues to generate 6-9 million cubic meters of lava per day from the vent. She sends this enormous amount of hot liquid rock downslope in rivers… to the ocean entry some eight miles below. The flow front is ever growing… now two and a half miles across, where two beach communities stood just three weeks ago. She’s pushing south, and is about a half mile from the Alahanui Hot Pond and the Kua O Ka La Charter School. Pele has also reactivated on the north end of Kapoho Beach nots… near the homes there and in the ag lots just mauna, and may have taken a home there, but we have no confirmation of that. Earlier this month, hundreds of homes were destroyed in Kapoho Beach lots and Vacationland to the south… only a handful remain at the north end of Kapoho Bay. More will be revealed tomorrow morning. Pilot Sean Regehr flew us with great aplomb. Special Return Guest Lincoln Lum, Leilani, Surfer Ducky, Bruce Omori and I did our best, shooting through the rain and haze at the unprecedented Leilani Eruption … mahalo plenny, Sean and Paradise Helicopters for making this happen!

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