July 4, 2018 | Overflow Near Kapoho Crater (VIDEO)

July 4, 2018 Overflows Near Kapoho Crater from Mick Kalber on Vimeo.

An increase of lava production, or a blockage of the tube system in Kapoho, or possibly both may have caused overflows from the lava channels near Kapoho Crater. Hot rock spilled over the banks on both sides of the river, increasing speculation that she may make her way to either the light house area to the east, or Waa waa to the north. Time will tell, of course… and we fly again in the morning. Pele continues to threaten homes and properties in Kapoho Ag Lots and north of the Kapoho Beach Lots. Several tongues of lava were threatening the are this morning. This activity to the north of Kapoho Bay appears to have slowed down the flow to the south… taking the pressure off the Ahalanui Hot Pond and Kua O Ka La Charter School… at least for the moment.

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