July 9, 2018 | Ahalanui Still There (VIDEO)

July 9, 2018 Ahalanui Still There from Mick Kalber on Vimeo.

The current Leilani Estates eruption of Kilauea Volcano is still threatening Ahalanui Beach Park (Hot Pond) and Kua O Ka La Charter School nearby… but as of this morning was about 150 yards away from each. Pele crossed the 1955 lava flow between the ocean and Highway 137 and this morning, in spite of an abundance of lava behind her flow front, had slowed considerably by 6:00 am today. Apparently, another overflow has sent lava in the direction of Cinderland and Railroad Ave… Philip Ong reports no mandatory evacuation has been ordered, but the lava is flowing northeast near Bryson’s cinders in Kapoho. If substantial, this activity could possibly rob lava from the flow headed toward the hot pond. The enormous ocean entry across Kapoho Bay and the former Vacationland subdivision now has a two-mile-long flow front, with many plumes emanating from the lava pouring into the Pacific Ocean there. The source of the eruption upslope is, of course Fissure 8. Although we were unable to access that area due to low lying clouds this morning, Pele is still very active there. She sends her 2-thousand degree fluid lava downslope in rivers… to the ocean entry some eight miles below. Earlier this month, hundreds of homes were destroyed in Kapoho Beach lots and Vacationland to the south. Paradise pilot Pete Stachowicz positioned us perfectly above the ocean entry this morning. Leilani, Hot Pond Ducky, Special Guest John , Bruce Omori and I had a superb Paradise Helicopters charter! Mahalo, Pete… and as always, mahalo plenny to Paradise Helicopters for making our overflight a reality!

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