July 29, 2018 | Wildfire Burns Homes (VIDEO)

July 29, 2018 Wildfire Burns Homes from Mick Kalber on Vimeo.

A wildfire, apparently sparked by a lava flow below the braided channel, and not far above Kapoho Crater burned several homes and farms east of PGV yesterday. A more exact count was not possible due to the fact that we are required to fly at 3K feet. Oddly, the fire, which scorched hundreds of acres of grass and farmland went around most of the homes, while torching others.
The flow near Pohoiki had made little or no progress yesterday… and remained at bay today, according to my partner, Bruce Omori. He flew today, I was too sick with the flu to go. Apparently some new ocean entry activity wa spotted at Shacks, but none has made the corner to the boat ramp. Ocean entries still feed lava into the Pacific over a two mile stretch from Pohoiki to where Vacationland once stood… the volume of lava appears to have increased at the ocean entry. Pele has created over 740 acres of new land and numerous black sand beaches all along the new coastline. Paradise Helicopters’ Pilot, Charlie flew us spectacularly between the clouds and around the raindrops so we could catch glimpses of the vent. Activity at Fissure 8 has become somewhat flat, with spattering only on the west end… but she is still pouring out a ton of liquid lava. Leilani, Reconstruction Ducky, Special Guest Jan Suiter, Bruce Omori and I had a terrific Paradise Helicopters charter. Paradise Helicopters and Charlie Saidel… you guys no ka oi! Mahalo plenny!

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