August 6, 2018 |Fissure 8 Still Oozing (VIDEO)

August 6, 2018 Fissure 8 Still Oozing from Mick Kalber on Vimeo.

Activity within Fissure 8 remains at a very low level… with small spattering and intermittent pahoehoe flows issued briefly from her mouth. The river channel is crusted over and appears not to be moving at all. Pohoiki still stands, although residual lava in the system continues to slowly encroach on the boat ramp. Numerous lava fingers are entering the sea just outside the bay… the residual lava draining from the flow to the east of the boat ramp. She has still not rounded the corner into the bay. Hopefully, Pele’s slow down will stop Pele’s advance on Pohoiki Bay… we’ll see. The only other area showing any activity at all was around Kapoho Crater. Here a pahoehoe breakout is channeled to the west of the crater and continues to slowly feed lava to the south. The flow we saw yesterday near four corners has stalled out. Again, this is most likely residual lava that will spread out, but make little significant advance in any direction. Air in the area continues to be vastly improved, and spirits have been lifted by this recent slow down. Is it possible she could be stopping after 96 days of absolutely surreal, devastating eruptive activity? We can only hope and pray.
Leilani, Hippy Ducky, Special Return Guest Ikaika Marzo, Bruce Omori and I had a superb Paradise Helicopters charter with pilot Charlie Saidel. Paradise Helicopters and Charlie… you guys no ka oi! Mahalo plenny!

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