August 9, 2018 | Pohoiki Surrounded (VIDEO)

August 9, 2018 Pohoiki Surrounded from Mick Kalber on Vimeo.

Pohoiki still stands, but is now basically surrounded by Pele’s residual lava as she continues to slowly encroach on the boat ramp. Lava has flowed in front of the parking lot and and black sand has reached all the way up to the boat ramp. However, the boat ramp was still standing and usable as of this morning. Only a few lava fingers appeared active in the area, but she continues to slowly push forward. Hopefully, the lack of new lava entering the system will stop Pele’s advance on Pohoiki Bay… again we’ll see. She can’t go mush further without severely impacting the use of the harbor.
Pele’s manifestation continues to wane at Fissure 8… activity is marginal, and very, very deep within the cone… we could only see a small flow through the steam and gas… and no spattering at all. The river channel remains crusted over and is not moving at all. Air throughout the eruption area continues to be vastly improved, although winds were blowing gases from the vents to the north. Again we ask… is it possible she could be stopping after 99 days of absolutely surreal, devastating eruptive activity? We continue to hope and pray.
We did hear one report that temperatures at the plates on the road between Leilani and Opihikao Road have become elevated… we will continue to monitor that situation and update you asap.
Leilani, Dragon, Special Return Guest Jeff Rogers, Bruce Omori and I were back in the office with Paradise Helicopters pilot Sean Regehr. Paradise Helicopters and Sean… it just doesn’t get any better! Mahalo plenty!

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