August 12, 2018 |Sandy Pohoiki (VIDEO)

August 12, 2018 Sandy Pohoiki from Mick Kalber on Vimeo.

Pohoiki has survived Pele’s visit, and gained a gorgeous black sand beach. Even though part of the new beach covers the entrance to the boat ramp, it can no doubt be dredged to make the ramp serviceable again, or may actually be washed away by waves over time. Active lava has finally ceased at the bay, as Pele’s ocean entries continue to dwindle up and down the coastline. Lava had flowed in front of the parking lot and and black sand has reached all the way around in front of the boat ramp.
Pele’s manifestation continues to wane at Fissure 8… very deep within the cone we could only see only a pinprick of lava in the middle of a crusted over lake. The entire river channel remains crusted over and has not moved for the better part of a week now. Air over the eruption area was terrible today, as winds were blowing gases from the vents to the north. In fact all of East Hawaii experienced voggy skies. the USGS continues to investigate whether this is actually the end of the eruption, or merely a pause… but every aspect of Pele’s activities have now either ceased, or are in the final stages of shutting down.
We attempted to fly to the Mauna Loa side of Halemaumau Crater for a different view, but clouds got in the way. We did, however catch a glimpse of the fire burn area on Mauna Loa that burned late last week.
Leilani, Fisherwoman Ducky, Special Return Guest Jake Bierman, Bruce Omori and I were lucky enough to fly with Paradise Helicopters number one pilot, Sean Regehr. And as you already know… Paradise Helicopters and Sean… they da bes! Mahalo plenny!

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