Lava Update | August 16, 2018

Kīlauea’s lower east rift zone eruption has subsided substantially, and only a few rivulets of molten lava were entering the sea this morning, along the coast at Ahalanui and Kapoho. A tiny bit of glow was visible at fissure 8 intermittently, but for the most part, the pond has crusted over. Gases continue to vent profusely from the fissures along the rift, probably due to heavy rainfall in the area. See the latest pics below.

Sand continues to accumulate in Pohoiki Bay, in front of the boat ramp, as surf wraps around the new shoreline.
A view of Pohoiki Bay… spared! Such a special place!!
A bird’s eye view of the new stretch of black sand at Pohoiki.
A wide view of the stretch of new coastline, with the dwindling ocean entry.
A few rivulets of lava entered the sea at Ahalanui and Pohoiki this morning, as activity continues to steadily decline.
The tiny island is once again an island again. 🙂
A kipuka and beach were formed as flows entered the sea near Malama Flats early in the eruption, leaving a short strip of Hwy 137.
A buildup of tephra from profuse fountaining at fissure 8 created this pu‘u, with a notch near its front, referred to as mini 8.
Another angle of fissure 8 and rising gases.
A tiny bit of glow is visible from within fissure 8, as gases rise from its west end.
Just a tiny bit of glow was visible intermittently as we hovered above fissure 8. Gas continues to vent, but just from the west end.
Lots of red lava in fissure 8, but not molten. The red color is from oxidizing iron in the hardened lava.
This area west of fissure 8 vented a profuse amount of gas this morning, probably due to heavy rainfall in the area. Note the yellow deposits of sulfur, and cracks in the ground. Sadly, the homes in close proximity to, and downwind of this area, will more than likely never be occupied again. 😦
Gases rise from the line of fissures on the rift, blown toward the southeast by the trades.
An overhead view of the area west of fissure 8, where homes were inundated by tephra produced by fountaining.
Fissure 8 sits in the middle of Leilani Estates, venting gases profusely this morning.
Hwy 132 appears from under the braided channel.
The braided channel severely affected the area downwind of it, as heat and toxic gases took its toll on vegetation, with overflows setting off brushfires that ran rampant in the fuel-rich environment.

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