Lava Update | August 29, 2018

Having reduced the frequency of our overflights since the eruption’s pause, then being weather-cancelled because of Hurricane Lane, it’s been two long weeks since our last update! Kīlauea continues to be dormant on the lower east rift zone, and no molten lava was observed. A great deal of steam rose from the fissures though, a result of moisture seeping into the ground from the heavy rainfall we’ve experienced during the past few post-Lane days. It appears that the ocean entry has finally ceased, as there was no lava entering the sea, and no steam plume being generated. And, although our view was obstructed by clouds for a good portion of our time over the coast, we were able to get a few good glimpses at the beautiful new black sand beaches at both ends of the recent ocean entries. A wide swath of sand lined Pohoiki Bay, and the other near the Kapoho lighthouse. As heartbreaking as the destructiveness of this eruption has been, witnessing the creation of new little gems has fascinating… bringing the event full circle, and highlighting the process by which our island was created. Mahalo ke Akua!! See the latest photos below…

High surf from Hurricane Lane has pushed even more sand into Pohoiki Bay.
There was no visible molten lava within fissure 8, but a great deal of steam rose from the area surrounding the fissure, a result of the heavy rainfall in the vicinity.
Rising steam along the edges of the perched channel accentuated the path of channelized flow toward the sea.
A view of fissure 8 from its front, with Luana St in the upper left corner.
The growing new sandbar at Pohoiki has created a cool shore break, and has also trapped a few bodies of water.
Two trees…
The multitude of rising puffs of steam, is an indication of just how porous, and unstable, the new land is.
Green foliage is coming back along the flows.
One of the new beaches created by this eruption, this one at Kapoho.
An orchard near one of the flows is coming back to life.
Ripples on the field of ‘a‘a still steam from the heat within.
A little kipuka holds the promise of life within the stark field of ‘a‘a.
A vast field of ‘a‘a on the Kapoho coastal plain.
An isolated body of water is trapped between the old 1960 flow and the beach formed by the recent eruption at Kapoho.

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