Lava Update – HUGE Lava Fountain VIDEO | May 27, 2018

05.27.18Click on the photo to watch the full video!


Our Observations:
Lava from Kilauea Volcano’s current Leilani Estates Flow on the Big Island of Hawaii continues to decimate the Leilani Estates, Lani Puna Gardens, Pohoiki area near Pahoa. Pele has taken over 100 homes and other structures since the eruption began early this month. She continues to pour her molten rock into the ocean just southwest of Pohoiki, although that activity has waned somewhat. Lava fountaining is concentrated in the middle of Leilani Estates… fissure seven is 300-400 feet high, issuing red hot liquid rock at an unbelievable rate. Kilauea has now covered over 2500 acres of the Big Island in just the past three weeks! A huge flow from this fissure is heading toward the PGV Geothermal plant below the subdivision. She has entered the PGV property… her a’a flow making steady progress toward the facility. Officials are concerned about what will happen when the lava reaches the wells, which have been cooled and capped, but this scenario has never played out before. Leilani Ave below Nohea Street is now completely covered, and Pele is working her way up the rift… a new fissure has now opened up between Nohea and Kupono. Huge cracks have appeared on the Malama side of Pomaikai. Scientists project an eruption in that area soon. Much of the activity elsewhere on the flow field has somewhat given way to the gigantic fissure seven, which is truly a spectacular sight! Both a’a and pahoehoe flows continue enter the ocean just southwest of Pohoiki. Although the volume has slowed, another finger of lava above threatens to make it’s way to the ocean as well. Numerous fingers of lava have stretched toward the sea over the past several days, covering many properties, and destroying many homes… leaving other homes and their owners wondering what’s next.  Although it began in Leilani on May 3rd, and burned several homes there, she soon established her vents below the subdivision with towering fountains, spatter cones feeding gigantic lava flows. So far, no deaths have been reported. Pohoiki Road and Highway 137 have both been covered with lava, but Highways 130 and 132 are still open as of this writing. 
This video was shot by Mick Kalber, Tropical Visions Video on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Use rights may be licensed for all your platforms as agreed upon with Tropical Visions. Please call Mick Kalber at 808-895-0077 for licensing details. 

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