Rainy Day Lava

Rainy Day Lava
Mahalo Jake Shimabukuro for the use of his song “Tritone” from the album NASHVILLE SESSIONS available on JS Records

Rainy Day Ducky joined Movie-Going Ducky to help pilot Robert Mitchell guide us through the raindrops to the vent this morning. Pu’u ‘O’o’s lava lake was active and Pele greeted us with a wry smile! Lava exits the lake and feeds the 61G flows lava tubes which carry the liquid rock to the ocean entry six miles below. A few new outbreaks on the surface were found as far down as two miles from the vent… lava movement at the distal tip about a mile from the Pali is slow, but steady. No active lava was observed on the coastal flats today. The ocean entry continues, but the firehose and lava column entering the ocean for the past three months have now reverted to a more traditional wide entry, with dozens of lava rivulets flowing into the water and helping to create a new lava bench. Some of the activity can be seen from the overlook to the east approximately a half mile from the entry point. As Pele pours lava into the water, the cold sea water in turn freezes the lava and the concussions shatter it into fragments. Some of these sink to the depths of the sea, while others gain purchase on the coastal rocks and form black sand beaches. Flying once again with Paradise Helicopters’ outstanding pilot, Rob Mitchell… you’ve done it again, Rob! Bruce Omori, special guest Paul Rankin, Leilani, Movie-Going and Rainy Day Ducky and I had an stellar overflight charter! Paradise Helicopters no ka oi! 

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